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Soldiers Never Sleep  -  PS4 and PC Multi-national Gaming Community
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game Insurgency: Sandstorm - PC
Recruitment information
sNs, short for Soldiers Never Sleep, has been a FPS-centered gaming community since 2011. We value personality over stats, and thus offer more of a casual environment for those players who don't see themselves go die-hard for one game, but rather have a selection of games they're looking to squad up on.

We also have a strong foothold on the PS4, where we support games like the BF franchise, Destiny 2, Rainbow 6, and soon RDR2, BFV and perhaps others.

What do we offer?
An established community with a PC community of roughly 20 people
Presence in games like PUBG, Rainbow 6, Rocket League, Insurgency Sandstorm, etc.
A casual environment, where we realise real life always comes first, and where we treat gaming as the relaxing activity it should be.
Room for growth: those who want to improve the clan with ideas or recruitment, are welcome to help out

What is required to join?
A mic, or being close to buying one
Being 18+ (we don't really want to watch our language around the youngsters)
A sense of maturity
An application through our website,
A Discord account
Time Schedules
Casual Competitive - Low Social 18+ Only voice
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PS4 and PC Multi-national Gaming Community