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Soldiers Never Sleep Gaming Community, aka '[sNs]' is always recruiting all types of players and gamers from any country or background. Have a good ground game but don't like flying? We want you. Have no ground game but are a decent pilot and or MBT driver? We want you. [sNs] isn't about the stats, it's about the fun. If you play to have a good time and kick ass while doing it, we are the clan for you. Our community consists of team players only, rolling as a close-knit team on the battlefield and always playing the objective.

So let me tell you a little bit about our group. We were formed in September of 2011 and have had a strong team of staff and members to keep us going strong for the past two years. We are not a huge community, but we aren't terribly small either. What matters is the awesome time we have enjoying what we do and the fellowship that continues to impress me every single night. We have members from many different cultural backgrounds and walks of life such as Canada, The USA, The UK, Belgium, Sweden, Iceland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and eve in some parts of ASIA. We only require a few main pre-requisites before applying to join. First, you MUST be at least 18 years or older to join. We are a mature gaming clan. Secondly, you MUST be able to fluently communicate in the English language. Third, we started the clan with primarily playing PS3, but now we are transitioning over to PS4. I don't expect our PS3 userbase to sustain longer than 6 - 8 months past PS4 release, so it would be most beneficial to you if you were getting a PS4, although not necessary. And lastly, you cannot join if you are already a member of another clan. You have to quit first. We do not tolerate dual loyalties as it causes drama between clans and we are 18+ here.

Our primary gaming medium is the Sony Playstation 4, followed by the Playstation 3, then PC. We do not accept Xbox players into the community because no one on our staff play Xbox so it cannot easily be regulated. Our most played game to date has been the Battlefield franchise. For the past 2 years over 90% of our playerbase has almost exclusively played Battlefield 3. That statistic is slowly switching to Battlefield 4 now on the PS4. I can count on one hand how many [sNs] players will play Call of Duty, very tiny margin.

We consider ourselves foremost as a casual gaming community with a competitive branch that is voluntary. We do have clan battles from time to time and have a program setup where if you wish to be more serious and competitive you can sign up to be part of those Elite Squads for BF4. This is all voluntary however. We like to cover all of our bases. There are no tryouts for general membership, though recruits if accepted go through a 1 - 2 week probationary period. This is more or less a judge of character as we don't accept members who treat others like assholes.

So you can keep browsing around for a clan that you 'think' would be a great fit for you, or you can come apply to join the COMMUNITY of friends that you'll come to know and respect for many years to come. I've met some great people through this place and friends that I intend to keep for the rest of my life. You can do the same! So come check us out today at: