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New Recruit: cisco7b9

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cisco N00b
Country: Germany
Timezone: CET
Online: mostly late around 9 p.m during the week and pretty early on weekend mornings

Hey everybody,

I'm a sysadmin by day and so that leaves me to be a casual player by night.

Used to be a lot into singleplayer/multiplayer with games like DOOM, Battlefield 3 and 4, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Watchdogs, The Divison, L4D 2, Battlefront 2 and more AAA titles that didn't used to be sh*tty and scammy back in the days.

I know some people in clans from CS but that game never really triggered my interest, so this here is actually my first shot being part of a clan.

I'm really looking forward of finding teammates to play Insurgency: Sandstorm. And the moment I'm really digging into titles like Arma III, Squad and of course Insurgency: Sandstorm.

I wanna get away from non-tactical shooters where players get thrown into a map and act like chimpanzees fighting over a single banana. Yeah, shooting (with no recoil and automatic reload) is a lot simpler but also a lot more boring. I'm still fighting a little getting used to these "new" mechanics but I'm usually a fast learner. I guess ? I hope ? We'll see :-)

That's all least for now !
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