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New Recruit: VassalOfTheNight

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New Recruit: VassalOfTheNight
Ingame name: Tentepus Lovemoon

Country: poland
Timezone: CET
When i am online: most days in the afternoon, sometimes up to 2 am but i rarely play at this hour. I usually want to play a game or two at around 6-10 pm.

Hey guys, my gamer's name is Tentepus, friends (if you can call them that) call me Tent or Camper (don't worry it's not because of my playstyle). I am a former hardcore gamer, now i am more casual due to university taking up most of my time. My biggest feats include being chosen the best player of my former clan server in cs 1.6, reaching diamond v in league and being in top 600 Diana players of the Eune server with 400000+ mastery points on her and reaching a moderately high rank in csgo, 4th best or sth like that. Now though i am playing just for fun, you can hit me up in bf3 and bf1. Looking for someone to play coop bf3 with, i dig that g3a3 man.
As i said uni eats up my life but i will try to be around if possible. My headset has damaged mic but it's pretty high quality stuff with good sound quality, costed me 100$ and since i don't sleep on money i would prefer not to throw it away for a set with mic, so please bear with mute lil' me.
Not much to say apart of that, i'm a weeb so yoroshiku onegaishmasu, gl hf.
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