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New recruit: Frostres X

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Hey there everyone i am frostres X on PSN or Peter in real life. I am a battlefield veteran and game veteran. Been playing games since windows 95. Battlefield i started playing since bad company 2 and COD since modern warfare. i've stopped playing COD though. In life i am a wine advisor for a supermarket chain in Belguim (i also live there).Besides that i go jogging and cycling, read in on philosophy, netflix n chill and go out with friends. The rest you can hopefully ask me ingame when we play together. So in a brief recap:
- PSN: Frostres X
- Time zone: gmt+ 1
-gaming and battlefield veteran
- platform: PS4

That's all then, hope to see you around,
Posted Nov 29, 18 · OP · Last edited Nov 29, 18