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The BIG Summer Donations Raffle is back!

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Welcome to the sNs summer raffle!

Welcome to yet another sNs raffle draw! It's been quite a while, but to close off the summer and look forward to the upcoming releases, sNs is holding yet another raffle. With this, we hope to sponsor our website, domain name and main game server costs. A little explanation on how we use donations.
sNs Donations: what we use them for

Donations have always been a part of sNs, because without these kind donations, we wouldn't be able to support this website or a BF1 server. Currently, we still have enough in our paypal balance to support the website and domain for about two more years, give or take. The costs of this is (roughly) 100 USD a year.

With the lack of a consistent BF1 server (pretty much because renting one costs 200 USD a year and gives you very little control), we're hoping they are learning their lesson and giving us more admin options for BFV. If not however, we'll always rent a server for sNs events.

The number you see on the right of this webpage is, unfortunately, bugged and shows a number that's too high. We're currently up around 250 USD, and not 650 USD.
Rewards for donating

Outside of the raffle, we offer a few cosmetic rewards to those people who donate to sNs. You will receive nice bright sparkles around your forum name for two months, get a 'Donator' rank on Discord and, if possible, some form of VIP slot on our BFV server. It's still to be determined which rights, if they allow us to set those up. Also, we will be showering you with thankyou's and you are entitled to one virtual shoulder massage from a staff member at your choosing.

On top of all these goodies, you will receive a raffle ticket for every 5$ you donate.

In short:

  • A special sparkly forum rank for 2 months
  • A special Discord rank for 2 months
  • VIP rights on our BFV server (to be decided what this means) 2 months after launch
  • 1 raffle ticket for every 5$ donated
sNs raffle - summer 2018!

The prize of the summer 2018 depends on the amount of donations received. Rewards go in three tiers, and once the max tier is reached, there is no "further" reward beyond that. The rewards don't stack, and there is only one winner. Donations last for exactly one month, so on september 10th, the raffle closes and no further tickets will be sold. Donations happening after september 10th 23:59 GMT will be considered as normal donations, and not raffle entries.

What are the rewards?

0$ - 25$ donated = a 6 month PS+ card for your region
25$ - 60$ donated = a standard pre-order copy of Battlefield V
61$ + donated = a deluxe pre-order copy of Battlefield V

With any further questions, please feel free to either reply here, or ask in the Discord channel!

Note: you can donate 25$ and receive 5 tickets. You do not need to donate 5$ in separate transactions to get more tickets.

How to donate

On the right of the forum page, you see a 'donations' tab. On the bottom, you can type a desired amount, and hit 'donate'. This all goes through paypal. If you don't have access to paypal but you would still like to donate, please give a staff member a PM on the site or on Discord, and we'll figure something out!

Current entries for the raffle

  • M4A1_SPEC_OPS: 13
  • Dane: 2
  • BoMango: 2
  • David1006: 10
  • PlethoraOfBears : 2
  • TheSmallSoldiers: 5
  • Confuzed: 5
  • Sargemech: 2
  • Vampy: 2
  • MrThom: 2
  • Kipper: 1
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Congratulations Bo!!
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