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Hi sNs Members,

We are updating our PSN ID list.
The list that has every ones PSN ID, Time zone, etc...

We ask that everyone fills it out. (Full Members only)
This really helps the new recruits get playing with people.

Here is the link to the form so you can get on the list.

Here is the list that has everything on it.
Master ID Sheet

You can optional be added to the game lists.

BF1 Players
Add Name Form

Siege players
Add Name Form

The lists will be forever changing. As we get new members they will be added and we will remove those that are not on anymore. That way this list will be of active members of sNs only.

If you need to change any info on the lists. Let a staff member know. We can get it fixed for you.

Thanks and we will see you on the field of battle,

sNs Staff
Posted May 3, 17 · OP · Last edited Sep 12, 17