aka Denmother of sNs can be found painting penguins and kittens on claymores, so your death is even more terrible. What makes it worse is her emblem even apologises for killing you. Don't misjudge this quiet lady though, as she is a main reason that sNs still exists. Thanks Vamps
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The review embargo had just lifted on God of War, the video game the studio's creative director had sweated over for five years, and Barlog wanted to be alone as he found out what critics had to say.
Put simply, precedence has been set, and Sony and Microsoft might just continue offering iterative consoles that evolve their existing hardware platform with their upcoming consoles
Bryan Intihar, Creative Director for Spider-Man at Insomniac, said to be impressed and in awe with what Sony's first party studios have been doing lately with the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War, and the upcoming games by Naughty...