King Scrub. Camps like no tomorrow. He’s the kind of guy that makes you die, but it’s worth it as long as you’re ramming a plane into him in the process. He’s a mini-Weevil: recruiter and annoyance in-game. Since he fits in so well with our crew, what does it say about us? Grats!
Award - King of PTFO
Award - MVP
Award - Ace Squad
Award - Little Things
Award - The Walking Head
Award - Ultimate Troll
Award - Grim Reaper
Award - Discord
What's In the News
Morgan Stanley downgraded Electronic ArtsĀ  from Overweight to Equalweight with a price target of $120.00 (from $126.00).
A mixup in the January PS Plus lineup has seemingly been rectified, resulting in an extra free game in Europe for PS4 owners with the service.
Amy Hennig talked about the rising costs of game development as a real problem. She said that loot boxes and the focus on games as a service are the publisher's answers to this issue and matters are made worse when people ask for single ...
PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, or PUBG, has grown to over 3 million players on Xbox One, as well as passing 3 million concurrent players on PC. With the Battle Royale game bringing a new twist to first and third-person shooters, gamers wa...

Candleman PS4 Anouncement Trailer

Posted Wed at 14:31
Candleman is making its way to the PS4.