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What's In the News
Konami is no stranger to controversial microtransactions, but the company's decision to sell save slots in Metal Gear Survive just might be its worst idea yet.
Campo Santo's Sean Vanaman talked about people "coming at the studio with the SJW bullshit" after the first In the Valley of Gods trailer debuted at the TGA 2017, lamenting that Campo Santo was "making a game about minority lesbians".
Burnout Paradise was a milestone in the series introducing well known and gamers favourite mechanics into open world. A lot of additional features and long term back up by the devs made this title memorable for years. Many players were h...
Polygon's Ben Kuchera writes: We dont need to give up the First Amendment to protect the Second. Republican Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin used last weeks shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, as an excuse to ...
Major Nelson: I cant wait to tell you about the cool new features coming to Xbox One I just had a chance to play around with. In due time though."