Fuzed is a person you can rely on to always help, no matter how. But give coffee first. And not too late cause for his age he needs enough sleep. Oh or not if he had late shift. Or ... well you get the idea. Jokes aside, without Fuzed sNs would probably not exist. Thanks man!
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"It has been a few weeks since we launched GT Sport, and its been really exciting to see so many people take to the track. In fact, weve already seen over 26 million hours of gameplay around the world, so now we want to share with you ou...
EA's horrible launch for Star Wars: Battlefront II has only been worse with the release of their latest patch.
Playground: We have a home for our new AAA open-world action RPG project!"
PowerUp! - "Belgiums Gaming Commission has been investigating whether loot boxes in video games constitute gambling. Today, we can report that the Gaming Commission has decided in the affirmative."
One Twitch streamer played a game fully and refunded it live, outside of the return time period. Is this ethical?