Introducing: sNs Awards!

MrThom FOUNDER posted 15 hours ago

Forum thread with all info:

What is it?
Have you ever had the perfect round? Achieved something you have been boasting about for days or even weeks on end? Have you felt that an accomplishment of you was awesome in itself, but felt deeply saddened that there was no ingame achievement for it?

Well then, the sNs staff team presents to you: sNs Awards!

For specific accomplishments, which you can find in the thread, the sNs staff team has decided to reward you with a trophy for this feat. The awards you achieve will be shown on your profile and on every forum post you make from now on.

How do I enter?

You will need to provide proof of your accomplishment. Pictures, videos or screenshots will usually be enough proof. You don't have to tell people in advance that you are going for trophies, proof afterwards is enough.

sNs: Smoke Grenades & Knives event!

MrThom FOUNDER posted 15 hours ago

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