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Legend goes that Weevil once convinced his grandmother that it wasn't him who pooped in the couch, but rather his uncle Bob. Uncle Bob is now banned from family reunions, and Weevil continues convincing people that sNs is a sane and happy place. Congrats man!
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2K games are really off to a bad start with their NBA 2K game. Everyone agreed that their microtransactions system is a complete ripoff, now, according to Neogaf, they pressured The Six Axis website to remove the review where they gave 2...
With Microsoft announcing the launch of Forza Motorsport 7 demo just a few days ago, early reviews from Windows 10 users arent turning in that favorable.
Console performance analysed: Sony's super-charged console gets closest to a locked 60fps.
Atlus revealed the first beautiful screenshots of Dragon's Crown Pro for PS4, showing off the native 4K support on PS4 Pro.
Following a leak on Monday, Square Enix officially revealed Final Fantasy IX for PlayStation 4.